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Know what Our Solutions can do for Your Business :

Succinctly... What OR2 has is what you and your Business need !
You might not agree, and enlist social networks platoons with the promised formula of how to market products or services on social media. But, by our specialized experience, you will be only able of doing what every other business is doing, spending money on advertising and induced to reveal valuable information in behalf of your business promotional success. Notice, while using free accounts and based on other companies technological structures. Isn't it true ?

So, to secure your business information, you'll surely need more than a simple website. Even if you have opted by having a fix online corporative presence.
After all, what should you do with that ?

Our proposal is to build a 'bridge of media' between your 'business island' and the rest of the cyberspace... It's true that, once ready for promotion, you should also spend some money on advertising. Yet, you should no longer base your valuable information outside your domains.

That's how having a commercial Multimedia Stream can better suit your needs, assuring that the media format remains secure on business levels while continuing to produce social good.

On other side, by adding any new personalized contents into your own Multimedia Streams, all other previous advertising efforts and related posts will continue to remain valid and updated, just because was always used the same precise web address...
Your Own Commercial TV !

Evidently, able to promote all your products and services on a 24/7 basis while protecting your business branding through a comfortable and widely accepted promotional mean.

To end, revealing our business model uniqueness, know that we are not selling a subcription that gives you a privileged account on a broadcasting system that was developed by us. Instead, we are proposing on developing your own Multimedia Streaming system(s) based on our functional examples, experience and specialization.

Belonging to your Business... Yours... Forever !
Exactly like precious paintings on the walls of your Company but made with Digital Colors.

(Consult here some auxiliary texts as pertinences related with our business Solutions)


How much might cost your business to have a Social Media Manager ?... If you have already, that's simply perfect. Revealing where OR2 can assist your business by providing what is missing or not so well explored. Effectively, with your specialized workers in mind, it's simplified the task of accelerating the implementation of your own Multimedia Streams.


How much might cost your business to have a Multimedia Producer ?... Indeed, expensive.
Specially by considering that, nowadays, it will be necessary to produce hours of media contents in way of being properly recognized on social online grounds. A serious motive for relying on OR2 to simplify the process of gathering enough diversified arguments.


How much might cost your business to have a Specialized Developer ?... If you ever thought  on having a developer able to create your own media system, we can only congratulate you for your wise vision and expertise.
After all, it's very probable that your concurrents might have no other alternative than following you. Being rather pertinent on working with OR2 on this matter.


How much might cost your business to have an Internet Advisor ?... Perhaps you have someone. Nevertheless, for sure that does not comprehend OR2 polymath expertise, related online business perspective and experience-based worldwide connections that can work in complement of your existing human resources, know-how and related specialization.


Possessed with the Technology that makes Internet to Work !


As the most powerful mean available, TV has conquered the hearts and minds of the last two generations. Nonetheless, the emergence of Internet is proving that equivalent, derived or naturally inherited technology will inevitably transpose the implemented barriers of time and space, resulting on adapting mentalities to near future generations. Now imagine if you could have your own Visual Stream that, similar to a commercial TV, not only brings your products and services to all your customers and friends but to everyone in the world.
Information is Power !... Looks scaring, but it's the reality that we are starting to live.
Evidently, could be far worst if we didn't had much solutions, but we do.
Having your own Multimedia Stream will allow you to transmit everything you have ever wanted without the need of paying millions for it and with the major advantage of broadcasting your marketing messages over and over again, on a complete automated manner. Being just required to 'drive' visitors into your Social Stream website.
For this purpose, you should concentrate your special attention on the production of exclusive contents that, on a media format (audio and/or video), should suit to deposit your valuable information within your own domain(s).
From there, you can opt on target direct contents to easily eluciate your customers through an exclusive web address or even to broadcast password protected lectures and complete formation sessions. What, benefiting from Intenet capacities, turns your valuable information accessible but only available to the people you want, no matter where they are in our planet as long as they have a computer or mobile phone with internet connection.
Plus, by taking advantage of the available interactive modules and besides providing a distinct experience to each one of your guests, the possibilities are endless. You can either provide restrict access to specific contents or turn it available just on special occasions.
As a conclusion, once already produced and organized on you own media system, from gathering the contents that you want for a specific showcase using your showroom displays while broadcasting it also via social network's live events to the possibility of scheduling a special 'Happy Birthday' greetings to appear on your office walls on a precise day, because we both don't know what you might need tomorrow, OR2 can only provide a complete and very effective personalized service based on available hours to use.

Click Here to See OR2 own Multimedia Stream...

As explained previously, the same happens with Radio broadcast that, experienced through short waves signals, still represents one of the most and widely used model for transmiting audio messages and advertising at distance. Acknowledging that the related secret lies on featured moments wisely organized between entertainment sessions, it’s now possible to broadcast your business highlights via an exclusive online Audio Stream that, similar to radio functioning, can also suit to contribute for ‘embellishing’ your commercial space, reception or even office place with a pleasant surrounding environment, produced as wished.
From widely used streaming platforms that pay for music royalties rights in exchange of extra advertising to a completely autonomous radio kind of stream that, ideal for more international businesses and brands, can even incorporate exclusive interactive features, OR2 provides specialized support, development and production means.
Noneless, for the motive of not being normal the existence of exclusive streams belonging to the advertiser but very similar to well produced sponsored emissions, we propose the subtle application of Intelligent Marketing that, thanks to the alternatives in question, becomes available for business promotion exploration.
With almost 30 years of experience on radio broadcasting, OR2 developed a completely refashioned online console that, presented as an Web Deck, does not have a vulgar player button. Effectively, instead of playing anything, together with the presented interactive modules, it will be the user (as the beneficiary) that should coordinate what it is desired to listen at any specific moment. 
Plus, between several other advantages like defining if it is intended to listen just only music or purely information, by the implemented logical mechanism and once based on a proper organization of all available audio contents, any user should have a rather distinct experience in relation to another. Turning the page of radio broadcasting into the next generation of more functional and practical audio means.
Ironically, where the possibility of broadcasting the same content to all listeners becomes an outdated fantasy.

Click Here to Listen OR2 own Stream...

Thanks to recent technological achievements, OR2 is proud to deliver personalized Interactive features that might well integrate together with your own Audio or Visual Streams in way of enhancing even more the experience of the related beneficiaries when exploring what your business has to offer.
By an exclusive approach, your streams can literally interact with your customers.
As explained on other points, even if based on the cloud, instead of having a piece of software that could be used by your employees or colleagues to produce the desired results, the experience of OR2 is resumed to the fact of gathering technical data from our own trial and errors which allows your computers to avoid undesired updates from something that will never be ready, eventually entering in conflict with your already implemented specialized software and at the mercy of software engeneers and technical experts.
Therefore, resulting from years of experience, based on the proven technology that makes internet to work (html, css and bootscrapt), the proposed solution will be developed in exclusive for your business, working seemless on the world wide web, with all expected effectiveness and without the need of being installed on any of your computers or even on any of your potential clients own computers. Where the big difference is if you don't want or like what it is shown, instead of waiting a proper cloud based update that should be also available to other clients, our specialized services will make sure to correct, improve and display exactly what you have desired or intended. Making your own ideas to work for you !
For this motive and derived from our business nature that does not enrich our exclusive cloud based SaaS system, what OR2 develop for your business should represent an added asset into your business value. 

Click Here to See and Listen OR2 own Interactive Stream...

Every well educated person knows the value of an expensive painting, being rather pertinent if standing on the lobbies of reputable offices. Now imagine, if you could transpose the same precise meanings to all your business guests while increasing the related ‘status quo’ with a modern dynamic approach...
That’s what OR2 is proposing, as an independent decoration asset or by a salutary moisture of motives that can smoothly promote products and services, as well.
While everyone knows that the secret of advertising success is achieved when the commercial message is remembered (what might take several minutes to accomplish), very few are able to turn it simple to do. Otherwise, we could only wonder how easy it is to invade our conscious minds. What cannot be true.
Yet, there are a few tricks and means which allows us to take advantage of subtle, alluring and very appealing images, like is the scientific case of spirals, fractals and other mathematical graphic representations. They, indeed, have some sort of power that induces us to visualize the same precise loops for minutes without feeling tired or even affected. On other side, the prolonged exposure to some strong hipnotic or extreme flash visuals can lead people to epilepsy. Anyway, people like it and everyone seems compelled to enjoy it.
Therefore, as a very pertinent marketing approach, the objective of conjoining decoration (as the main functional purpose) with enhanced technological capacities which allows us to explore personalized commercial means might well reveal the so wished advertising success. Exactly like happens when big brands spend fortunes to sponsor cultural events and musical festivals when people is not interested on seeing what they want, but the true is that they are usually easily remembered through the related subliminal associations.
Justifying why you should sponsor this intriguing way of exhibiting mathematics through perfectly synchronized artistic graphics that, like we can see on kaledoscopes, allows colors to dance on endless metamorphic perspectives. Revealing a powerful marketing mean if wisely used. Don't you agree ?
Anyway, as part of the agreement, trusting on OR2 own selection or not, you should select at least the kind of loops that you want to be displayed on the walls of your business.

Click Here to See some examples via OR2 own Multimedia Stream or Consult any of the templates available...

To host your online Multimedia Streams, as an external extension of your actual business website or by a complete website implementation, OR2 can tailor a personalized online presence that might even include eCommerce features to sell your products and services worldwide via Paypal or Stripe.
As of relevant importance, the possibility of sharing your streams across social networks reveals the potential of this marketing solution, focalized on the promotion of a unique web address that simply broadcasts diversified contents - Increasing the related retention and inherent convertion effectiveness.
For this purpose, inspired on our vast experience and dependable of your needs, only in special cases that might require a specific plugin for the requested functioning or for the creation of a blog system with built-in membership features we should develop a wp website. For all other cases, we serious recommend the option for the technology that makes internet to work (html, css and javascript) in conformity with the standards accepted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community led by Web inventor and Director Tim Berners-Lee and that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.
Either way, it's assured the implementation of a Social Stream website that, including the access to your Multimedia Streams and no matter as a stand alone independent webpage, as the main online presence of your business or as a complement of your actual corporate website, should include enhanced features and usability means to turn it as easy and intuitive as possible while allowing to share the related web address through social networks. Working as a very useful landing page that, together with the recommended interactive modules, it is able to simplify the task of redirecting any of the visitors in conformity with what is desired without leaving your business domains. For this purpose, you should regist a personalized name for the related web address.

Click Here to See OR2 own Social Stream Website...

Also included on any solution, each yearly contract includes a suffice number of hours based on the gradual implementation path which development is determined by the required production of contents. On this way, all monthly hours should be properly used in conformity with each client’s own strategy and needs (click here to see our standard princing and all available alternatives). Where, once approved for broadcasting, besides being added into the related Multimedia Stream (included on OR2 service), all personalized media contents should remain available on a private dropbox folder in way of being properly retrieved by any of the responsible workers and allowed to use it for marketing promotion by our your own means.
As a functional example, if not having branded videos for your visual stream, you can relax on OR2 own productions and use any of our ready-made templates to rapidly fill your stream with personalized media. Yet, dependable of each business, it's very normal that the brands that you represent might have already professionally made contents that, on a video or audio format, could be easily added into your own Multimedia Streams, simplifying at least the initial stage of providing a more personalized experience to your audience while contributing to its quality. For this purpose, you should request any available contents to your suppliers, official distributors or even to the specialized departments from the headquarters of the each brand.
Anyway, having in mind that one of the pertinent arguments of the proposed solution is to take advantage of the inate decorative vocation in which become possible to benefit from its traditional potential for subliminal or subtle marketing purposes, the ideal approach reveals a salutary moisture of branding media between well produced decoration motives. What not only can embelish the walls of your business with a modern dynamic atmosphere but also prepares the ground for the broadcasting of branded live events via the most used social networks on Internet. After all, we should not be surprised if people does not pay attention to any live event organized by business companies where is expected to see pure advertise, isn't it ?...
Therefore, by our strategic approach, it's expected to broadcast pre-recorded events that, produced in conformity and stored on your own Multimedia Streams with the main objective of remaining available as pleased, could allure anyone to see them through live events as well.
For the explained motives, it's advised to give more attention to what people should appreciate to see while branding the related transmissions with subtle and informative rich contents. Not being possible to perform before by using more conventional media broadcasters without spending millions.

Click Here to Consult some of the available Examples & Templates...


The true is that, to achieve the same results but without OR2, you will need to spend hundred of thousands of dollars in technology (software & hardware)... Without being assured that you could be able of opting by following the same logical reasonings and experience paths.
Not acting alone can only mean that we can better synchronize your needs with the righteous technological means essentially to leverage your business promotion everywhere.

Sharing your business information worldwide is a new thing that you might not attribute much importance now... Specially if you are getting promotional results. But know that, working in behalf of your concurrents, they are able to see where you are failing and what they need to improve. After all, considered vital in way of getting extra attention from the audience of both sides, the use of such valuable information became no longer confined to a business tabu.

As wisely considered, while capacity of innovating reveals who's willing to take the leadership, it's precisely this difference that distinguishes who does not stand from the crowd from who gets the so deserved notoriety. And, in marketing, this means gold. So, the best way to kept your business secrets secure is to turn it public in exclusive to your guests in the same way that anyone needs to enter in your office reception to see what is projected on the wall !



For the required personalization and to be able of developing any Multimedia Stream in conformity, O.R. 2 propose an 1 Year Agreement...

15 Hours of Daily Personalized Contents...

As wisely instructed by actual Social Media guidelines and best practices, online marketing is determined by an trial and test activity which collects relevant data for the related business analisys.
For this reason, as advised, we suggest the gradual implementation of contents in way of gathering the required data that, after 12 months of production, from the required 24/7 of a normal stream, should compose 15 hours of personalized media.

Flexible Production & Development...

Besides being allowed to use hours of production for development purposes, dependable of any need (momentary or not), O.R. 2 deliver also extra packages that can be added into the related agreement.
Click Here to consult the pricing options...


Included on any solution and by taking advantage of OR2 vast experience and international business connections, any of our clients can benefit from dozens of social media tools and advantageous SaaS Apps based on the cloud to legally ‘hack’ social media channels and networks with the most advanced productivity addons that you might find on the market. Detaining resellers and agency rights, OR2 brings to Norway the capacity of automatizing daily social media tasks and procedures.

Click Here for more detailed information...

Besides our dedicated support on installing, configuring and instructing any of the proposed features or even as a valuable consulting service, all our clients have unlocked privileges to OR2 knowledgebase which includes the comfortable access to hundreds of video tutorials, mini-courses, eBooks and valuable best practices, properly broadcasted by OR2 exclusive Multimedia Streams that, available on a 24/7 basis, simplifies the process of being updated with the last techniques, methods and tricks in behalf of your business online promotion.

Click Here for more detailed information...

Ready-Made Multimedia Streams

Upon agreement, OR2 delivers a ready-made default stream, remaining prepared for adding the personalized media contents.
Learn more...

Strategic Implementation

Before starting, it will be necessary to set production and development priorities in conformity with the accepted business strategy.  Learn more...

Gradual Development

OR2 simplifies the task of interconnecting your business with all essential resources, always based on the related needs. Learn more...

Branding Uniqueness

OR2 exploits digital technologies at the edge of current business markerting and branding without canibalizing existing practices.
Learn more...


In complement of Your already existing branding texts, videos and images wich might well inspire any of the available templates with fast and effective motives,
you can also rely on OR2 own productions to fill Your Multimedia Streams with more and more appealing moments in behalf of Your Business promotion.

Click to See it in Action


Here's a collection of some of the featured examples for business
promotion wich includes subliminal decorative motives :
(Click Here to consult more examples and templates)


Ideal for branding via social networks and live events, to feature special products or services on a corporative website or to blend on any office reception or lobby as the recommended business reference with decorative motives.


Here's a Collection of short video loops for business branding and products promotion also with decorative motives :
(Click Here to consult more examples and templates)


Ideal for presentation of products or services, these kind of decorative spots suits to provide a proper branding between fillers where all texts and video loops can be substituted per request.


Here's another collection but with long decorative scenarios mixed to provide a complementary environment between any commercial messages and related business branding :
(Click Here to consult more examples and templates)


Allowing to take advantage of the related attractive essence for business oriented purposes, these unique templates are properly mixed to provide a pleasant atmosphere with alluring and appealing motives & arguments.


Besides OR2 own decorative scenarios and ready-made templates (Click Here to know more), our Clients can chose contents from vast and reputable external databases :

92,962 Stock Videos
6,041+ AE Templates

OR2 works with Envato databases, allowing to chose videos, graphics, audio tracks and after effects templates that can be used on any featured production.

Click Here to consult thousands of After Effects Templates.

325,000+ Videos
10,000+ AE Templates

OR2 works also with Videoblocks databases, allowing to chose videos and after effects templates that can be used on any featured production.

Click Here to consult thousands of After Effects Templates.

StockoCity Stock
33,000+ HD videos

StockoCity 1 and 2 is a vast Collection of 33,000+ HD stock videos searchable via categories, including thousands of HD Videos with 4K Video Footage and Video Backgrounds.

StockNation Stock
25,000+ HD Videos

This is a Collection of 25,000+ Premium Full HD Videos and backgrounds loops searchable by category.
The access to this video database is restricted by password and for restrict use of OR2.  


For any commercial solution, know here the steps of our proposed online & on-site integration:

Multimedia Services Agreement

In conformity with each Client's business needs,
OR2 Multimedia Services can be properly subscribed through an yearly agreement where, besides being respected each part own responsibilities, the Client
is entitled to benefit from a specific number of hours included for using each month.
Therefore, for any of the further implementation steps, additional features might be included (or not) on the related agreement or simply added when needed.
Nevertheless, the number of hours available for using every month will be calculated based on the total amount of services and addons that are included on the related agreement. Being advised to subscribe as many features as possible in way of having a suffice number of hours for production, which can be wisely used for any of the services included based on the implemented strategy (that can be flexible or determined by the Client's own priorities).

Click Here for Pricing & Agreement details...

Creation of Multimedia Stream(s)

The first service to implement it's based on exclusive and personalized Multimedia Streams that might contain Audio or/and Video or even to work in independent platforms. What should be assembled right after being agreeded the related format, its decorative essence and main thematic approaches.
For this purpose, while waiting for more personalized multimedia motives, OR2 should install well tested and widely recommended online multimedia scenarios already branded with the related business logo, as we can see on any TV broadcasted emission.
If requested, will be also added a specific number of spots and jingles that, already personalized in conformity, should rotate on a 24/7 basis via internet by OR2 Multimedia Broadcast Network. Allowing to immediately benefit from the related promotional mean while suiting to inspire any further development.

Click Here to See a functional example...

On-Site Screen(s) Installation

Once OR2 is mainly specialized on online services, digital development and related production, what should be properly explained and arranged before any formal agreement, the physical installation of wide TV Screens and/or Projectors can be either supplied directly to the Client through any specialized technical service, sub-contrated for the purpose in question or recommended by OR2 based on our assumed quality criterions and required technical specifications. Nevertheless, to assure the solution's integrity functioning, OR2 can accompain all the process including on-site dislocation and technical guidance.
Yet, as explained on our auxiliary instructions and by considering that OR2 includes a wide range of support and consulting, the Client might opt by installing the related hardware at its own risk and expenses.

Click Here to Consult our suggestions...
Click Here to Know how to install Projectors & TVs...

Website Creation or Integration

Next step is dedicated to the integration of the related Multimedia Stream(s) on a pre-existing website or, if comprehended by the respected agreement, the creation of a new website that might, either way, work independently of the main corporative or ecommerce online presence. Effectively, apart of including options that might link to the Client's main website, the implementation of an external Multimedia Stream website is solely justified for the advantage of providing a simple yet very functional landing page which has the main objective of targeting millions from social media networks. After all, as an extraordinary marketing tool and contrary to vulgar blog posts that are easily forgotten in time, an online Multimedia Stream keeps on displaying all contents that we gradually add into it, rotating automatically on a 24/7 basis !
Being rather simplified the task of promoting one unique website address for all marketing campaigns.

Click Here for Consulting a functional example...

Multimedia Scenarios Production

Every month, in conformity with each related yearly agreement, each Client is entitled to select between 10 to 15 Video or Audio Templates from OR2's Multimedia Library. Dependable of each template requirements, the Client must send us a proper Production Form with each featured texts (if needed) and, in case of not supplying images (also if required), must schedule a pre-production session with OR2 video/image capturing services or any of our Agents which should be deducted from the amount of hours included for using in each month.
Next, upon reception of each Production Form, OR2 will analyze the related request and send a proper confirmation email that might include any eventual suggestion, correction or even substitution.
Once everything settled, each request is queued for production and delivered as soon as possible.
After appreciation and related authorization from the Client, the Video or Audio Spot should be added into each related Multimedia Stream via Internet, being automatically propagated on Client's own website(s) and screen displays.

Click Here to Consult templates for Business Offices...
Click Here to Consult templates for Commerce Stores...

Production of Interactive Modules

For this step, once again determined by strategic reasons, OR2 can start implementing personalized Interactive Modules on the already active Multimedia Streams that, featuring audio, video or both, represents one of the strongest arguments available for helping to increase visitors retention and subsequent conversion. After all, at user's own perspective, the simplification of options and commercial alternatives through salutary and very welcome Interactive features can also induce beneficiaries to comment, to share or even to divulgue the related experience, turning the related promotional tool viral while bringing improved effectiveness and optimal marketing results. On other side, with such flexible interactive means and dependable of major campaigns or momentary promotions, it becomes possible to better coordinate when, where and to what products or services we should guide visitors and customers. Allowing to achieve a more intelligently oriented business promotion.

Click Here to Listen an audio interaction example...
Click Here to See a video interaction example...

Enhanced Marketing & Promotion

After having together a suffice number of personalized media and with the essential marketing arguments, it's time to target ideal niches for exploring the available Multimedia Stream(s). For this purpose, no matter by selfbranding efforts, by business channels or even through paying ads, it is suggested to benefit from social networks, being rather pertinent on using specific videos to create momentary live events. On this case, taking advantage of the extended decorative motives, it is reasonable to expect an higher number of viewers than what is considered normal when promoting just the business, the products and services.
Evidently dependent of each case, the related success can remain determined by the option of adding considerable doses of creativity or, in alternative, with alluring and widely acclaimed digital scenarios while exposing the related business branding in between, exactly as on a exclusive sponsor level.

Also for this task, OR2 expertise can help on leveraging the related promotion on social media channels where monthly hours can be used for the transmission and monitoring of live events on major social networks. 


Click Here to See a live event example...

Social Media Tools & SaaS Apps

In result of years of experience on the field of online marketing and viral promotion, OR2 has accumulated a considerable range of Tools and SaaS (Software as a Service) that, working on the cloud (or not), allows to legally 'hack' social networks and other marketing systems. By providing automation features for social media posting, ranking on search engines and similar tedious procedures, after maturing the related Multimedia Streams with enhanced contents, the Client can opt on using monthly hours just for business promotion and related automation. Earning from an wider and more effective productivity service !
Anyway, as an additional benefit while within the accepted yearly agreement, expect to find some of the services unlocked for the Social Media Manager of your business or brand.

OR2 Knowledgebase & Consulting

As shown worldwide, Internet is constantly changing, no matter by being shaped to please tech giants, to act in conformity with corporative interests or just because of modern or updated technological achievements that brings better or improved features to our lives, one can be well surprised with the fast pace in which we try to benefit from everything that exists at our disposal.
For this reasons, mostly justified by the need of maintaining human resources also updated, it becomes pertinent for businesses to have privileged access to a specialized knowledgebase.
On this way, relying on OR2 Learning Center as one of the extra benefits included on any agreement, you should meet the place where, besides widely accepted guidelines and best practices based on tiredless experiences, you can also find valuable trending recommendations, precious tricks and how-to secrets as well as any updated considerations concerning most used marketing systems and networks on Internet.
... And everything available automatically or by special request through a comfortable learning system unlocked to any of your employees and in behalf of your own business productivity, branding, marketing and related promotion.

Click Here to Visit OR2 Learning Center...

For Your reference, we have prepared a simple overview of all alternatives well organized by three distinct Solutions with several more addons...


Yet, OR2 based the related services supported by an 1 year agreement with 12 monthly payments using Paypal payment processor which works automatically and protects both the seller and the client whithin Paypal Terms of Use (TOS) and related Private Policies. 
For other payment options, please, contact OR2 Customer Support.

If you opt by not renewing our agreement at some time, apart of OR2 own platforms, default or unmixed contents and all unused media assets, you should receive all files that were developed for your business within the related agreement (including source code).
As of the personalized media contents, once approved for broadcasting, they will be available on a private dropbox folder in way of being properly retrieved by one of your responsible workers.
Evidently, since the Multimedia Streams must remain installed on a web server to work as expected, you should require a specialized person to reactivate your streams. Nevertheless, we do provide a proper solution without the need of subscribing additional production and development services.
In any case, if respected the agreement at least with one year duration, OR2 should provide you all required information in conformity with what you want and you should receive everything that you are entitled. Belonging to Your business.

In this case, the streams will shutdown and the services suspended right after not receiving any predicted monthly payment.
Evidently, OR2 should be informed at least 30 days before.
Since the contract was not respected, all files that were developed or produced for the Client should be properly destroyed and the private dropbox folder where is kept the media contents should be deleted up to 90 days upon confirmation. To avoid this and receive all files (with source code included), you must pay the remaining months of the agreement, as proposed.

After one year, you should receive proper instructions of how to renew the agreement. Yet, in conformity with our market demands and related technological achievements, OR2 might review the values that were proposed. Nevertheless, what was assumed should be done.



Worldwide Partners...

USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Norway New Zealand and Portugal.


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