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Digital Multimedia Scenarios

OR2.Live and OR2.Media are two of the most recent online systems that, based on the cloud, provides a simple and comfortable way of benefiting from the time that your computer is inactive or on hold. Similar to the happiness of seeing any well selected screensaver, OR2 developed an innovative broadcasting service in which any computer with connection to internet can effectively display thousands of truly fantastic video loops without being bothered about adding more screensavers or desktop images.


To Enjoy and to Learn

With intuitive options like selecting your mood or the thematic approach of any Multimedia Scenario to the possibility of benefiting it in conjugation with radio streams or OR2 own productions, besides enjoying what is shown for pure entertainment, advanced users can even learn Internet, Selfbranding and Online Business through the unlocked access to hundreds of valuable contents. Nevertheless, to leverage your experience, we serious suggest on pluggin into your computer an extra TV or even Projector.


Respecting your domestic budget or not, apart of being suggested very economic alternatives, OR2 can also assist you on the task of setting up everything in way of achieving the purpose of improving your home decoration with this brand new dynamic mean of living, right from the comfort of your home or even office place. For this purpose, if you have a modern computer with HDMI connection (you can ask where you bought it) our suggestion is to connect an Home Projector as a secondary screen display that, if not detected automatically, it’s rather simple to configure using recent versions of windows.

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Digital Multimedia Scenarios

Effectively, you will only need a normal internet connection and to subscribe via OR2.Media... What you can do anyway...
Yet, we can assemble a unique Multimedia Stream just for your home decoration or benefit from any of our special ones for more exclusive private parties.
Anyway, all your guests should be thrilled by your Home new digital environment. 

By having in mind that, in home, 90% of the Persons that uses a Computer barely use all the resources that are available by modern machines and without mentioning that while waiting for social networks interactions, emails and other direct messages the related computers persist on remaining in hold, it became pertinent on taking better advantage of the investment in question. After all, turning on and off any electronic machine systematically might well contribute to reach the related MTBF (medium time before failure) faster than expected. On other side, people love SCREENSAVERS... Everyone, no matter specialized or expert one and specially newbies, simply adore to see their own favorite screensavers active. Yet, with fish appearing and disappearing from the screen or by the most beautiful 3D scenario, isn’t it nothing special if we were able to visualize it in a big or even huge screen display ?... And if opted by using a Projector ?
That’s where ‘Digital Colors’ from OR2 can help on enhancing Your Home decoration.

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Here's OR2 own Functional Stream Example

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